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With a growing need to connect the entire South Africa through lightning-fast fibre networks, there is an ever-increasing demand for manufacturers to keep pace with the needs of the telecommunications industry. However, more important than the need for volume, is the need for quality products. We at Zack Plas understand that in a shifting climate where requirements are continually evolving, there is a need to be agile and deliver solutions that can solve these new challenges. That’s why we provide tailored solutions for our customers to ensure that as the industry changes, we are there to meet the needs of the technicians on the ground.

About Us

Zack Plas is a proudly South African pipe extrusion and injection moulding manufacturer providing tailored solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our range of fibre ducts and related products offers our customers products to meet any of their needs and our tailored solutions ensures that we can solve any of their challenges. Our team of highly skilled technicians and management have nearly a century of combined knowledge and expertise in the injection moulding industry.

Founded in 2017 as a response to increased demand and lack of supply within the industry, Zack Plas has positioned itself as a specialist manufacturer and supplier to the telecommunications sector focused on delivering quality products with superior technical performance, to help the industry solve its challenges.

Primary Focus Areas

Our company’s four primary focus areas is product development, manufacturing, sales & distribution and quality management, which includes our Material Testing Facility (MTF).


Product Development




Sales & Distribution


Quality Management

With our current product range, we are confident that we can meet the most sort after needs of our customers. We are however continually looking at ways that our current and future products can add greater value to our customers.

We believe that by keeping communication lines open, between our customers and our manufacturing plant, we are able to provide them with technical expertise to meet their needs. This communication also ensures that our product offering is up-to-date with industry demands and practices, allowing us to tailor our products to solve industry challenges.

Because of our technical expertise we are able to swiftly move through new product development stages, ensuring that the time-to-market is kept as brief as possible.

We use leading design and manufacturing processes to solve our customers challenges. Our 2,500m² manufacturing and operations plant based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, has direct access to all major transport routes. With our current manufacturing capacity of 16,000m of bundled micro duct per day, we can deliver fast, effective solutions to the telecommunications sector.

All our plant machinery is less than three years old, and the industry standard in injection moulding and pipe extrusion equipment, ensuring our customers can rely on us to deliver.

Zack Plas provides solutions to a range of customers including network infrastructure developers, government organisations, ISPs and state-owned enterprises. With our range of micro ducts, bundled micro ducts, sub-ducts and 4-way tapping boxes, we are able supply our customers with a range of solutions to meet their needs.

Our on-site loading equipment allows us to easily load and stack heavy vehicles and through strategic partnerships we are able to offer distribution services and collection points across the country, from Cape Town to Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

We are committed to providing quality solutions for our customers which is why one of our key focus areas is quality management. With access to our own in-house material testing facility, we are able to manage the quality of raw materials from our suppliers, which has a direct impact on the quality of our final product. Ensuring that we deliver only the best quality products with superior technical performance, to our customers.

Our Products

As a company we are always looking at developing new products that could meet the needs and challenges of our customers. We believe that we need to do our part in helping to create an enabling environment to connect our country. We understand that through greater connectivity across our communities we enable faster communication. A connected city and community mean a more informed society, able to make better choices with better access to information.

Our product specification sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. They can be viewed using a PDF reader. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download a free PDF reader at www.adobe.com


As a specialist manufacturer and supplier to the telecommunications sector, we have a solution that can solve your challenges

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Material Testing Facility

Our on-site material testing facility (MTF) allows us to reliably, efficiently and professionally test our products with fast and accurate reporting of test results. Our test equipment undergoes regular maintenance and calibration in-line with industry standards.

MTF ensures that we produce products of the highest quality standard that is verified. Our test technicians are all trained and certified in the use of all equipment, ensuring that tests are accurately executed. MTF also assists us in new product development, allowing us to test the performance of new products ensuring that they meet the rigid technical specification that our clients demand. Our material testing facility has the following capabilities.

Material testing is the execution of highly specific techniques that measure the characteristics and behaviour of materials. The test data obtained is then used to determine the suitability of the material for specific applications.
Material testing is important because it determines the performance of a specific material or product under certain conditions. If a material or product is to be successful in its application, then it needs to pass every specific requirement that the product needs to deliver on. Material testing is also used to determine a material or products limitations. This will enable manufacturers to determine which applications best suit the specific material. For Zack Plas it is critical that we test our materials and products regularly to ensure that they continue to deliver superior technical performance to meet our customers’ needs.

Temperature Testing

Used to evaluate the behaviour of a product or material when exposed to varying temperatures in order to establish how the product will respond to environmental changes during use

Friction & Coefficient Testing

Used to determine the frictional properties of a material or product when two surfaces in contact slide against each other.

Impact Resistance Testing

Used to evaluate the deformation or fracturing that a material will exhibit after experiencing a shock load.

Environmental Stress Cracking Testing

Stress cracking results in failure of plastic materials and therefore it is important for manufacturers to test the environmental stress crack resistance of all materials used, to determine the longevity of its products.

Bending Resistance Testing

Used to determine the bend or kink resistance of a material The material is bent continuously until failure occurs determining both the load and deflection required to initiate the break limit.

Crush Resistance Testing

Used to measure the maximum compressive load a material can withstand before it deforms, fractures or shatters.

Pressure Testing

Used to check the integrity of all couplings, joints and duct route to ensure that there are no leaks where moisture could penetrate through.

Duct Integrity Testing (DIT)

Used to check that the duct is ready for fibre installation by testing various parameters such has duct alignment, air tightness, foam sponge test, mandrill test.


All of our product development, manufacturing and testing is carried-out to the highest quality standard and as such, we are currently restructuring our internal policies and processes so that we become ISO 9001 : 2015 compliant.
Zack Plas is compliant with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and currently holds a Level 2 certificate.

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